SEEK - SEmantic Enrichment of trajectory Knowledge discovery

SEEK is a Marie Curie Project (project N. 295179) funded by EU in the PEOPLE program as an IRSES 2011 scheme. The project activity starts on March, 1 2012 and lasts 36 months. This project funds the exchange of research personnel between participant organizations from EU to international partners and vice-versa for a total funded budget of 352.800 euro. The consortium includes 8 partners from Europe, Brazil and Canada.

The goal of the project is to investigate methods to extract meaningful knowledge from large amount of movement data by defining techniques for an advanced semantic-rich knowledge discovery process.

Highlights of project results

Crowdsourced tourist trajectories (Flickr) are analysed to build itineraries to be recommended to visitors balancing a temporal budget with attractions preferences.

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    ComeWithMe analyses the car trajectories in cities to identify carpooling possibilities based on destination and flexibility: how much a person is willing to change the destination, while preserving the activity they want to do.

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