Publications List

Papers published in SEEK

Updated at June 2015


  • CONSTAnT -­ A Conceptual Data Model for Semantic Trajectories of Moving Objects -­‐ Vania Bogorny, Chiara Renso, Artur Ribeiro de Aquino, Fernando de Lucca Siqueira, Luis Otavio Alvares. In Transaction in GIS 18(1): 66-88 (2014)
  • A General Framework for Trajectory DataWarehousing and Visual OLAP -- Luca Leonardi, Salvatore Orlando, Alessandra Raffaeta', Alessandro Roncato, Claudio Silvestri, Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko. Geoinformatica, 2013
  • Assessing the Attractiveness of Places with Movement Data -- Andre S. Furtado, Renato Fileto, Chiara Renso in Journal of Information and Data Management, Vol 4, No 2, 2013.
  • On the Management and Analysis of Our LifeSteps -- Nikos Pelekis, Yannis Theodoridis, Davy Janssens in SIGKDD Explorations, June 2013, Volume 15, Issue 1
  • On Planning Sightseeing Tours with TripBuilder -- Igo Brilhante, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego, Chiara Renso, Jose Macedo, in Information Processing & Management journal - Volume 51, Issue 2, March 2015, Pages 1–15
  • Multidimensional Similarity Measuring for Semantic Trajectories. Andre Salvaro Furtado, Despina Kopanaki, Luis Otavio Alvares, Vania Bogorny. Transactions in GIS, 2015.
  • Semantic Enrichment and Analysis of Movement Data: Probably it is just Starting! Renato Fileto, Vania Bogorny, Cleto May, and Douglas Klein in ACM SIGSPATIAL Volume 7, Number 1, March 2015
  • Planning Sightseeing Tours Using Crowdsensed Trajectories. Igo Brilhante, Jose Antonio Macedo, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego, and Chiara Renso ACM SIGSPATIAL Volume 7, Number 1, March 2015
  • The Baquara2 knowledge-based framework for semantic enrichment and analysis of movement data. Renato Fileto, Cleto Maya, Chiara Renso, Nikos Pelekis, Douglas Klein, Yannis Theodoridis. Data & Knowledge Engineering doi:10.1016/j.datak.2015.07.010
  • A Methodology for Traffic-related Twitter Messages Interpretation. Fabio C Albuquerque, Marco A Casanova, Helio Lopes, Luciana R Redlich, Jose Antonio F de Macedo, Melissa Lemos, Marcelo Tílio M de Carvalho, Chiara Renso. In Computers in Industry, an International, Application Oriented Research Journal. To appear.


  • Spatio and Spatio-temporal Reasoning and Decision Support Tools – Monica Wachowiz and Chiara Renso, Entry at Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining by Springer, 2014

Conferences and workshops

  • ComeTogether: Discovering Communities of Places in Mobility Data. -- go Ramalho Brilhante, Michele Berlingerio, Roberto Trasarti, Chiara Renso, José Antônio Fernandes de Macêdo, Marco Antonio Casanova: MDM 2012: 268-273
  • M-­Attract: Assessing Places Attractiveness by using Moving Objects Trajectories Data -­‐ André Salvaro Furtado, Renato Fileto, Chiara Renso GEOINFO 2012 Brazilian Conference on Geographical Information Systems, 2012 – Best Student paper
  • Average Speed Estimation For Road Networks Based On GPS Raw Trajectories -­‐ Ivanildo Barbosa;Marco Antonio Casanova;Chiara Renso;Jose Antonio Macedo; ICEIS Conference 2013, Angers, France
  • A Gravity Model for Speed Estimation over Road Network -­‐ Roberto Trasarti, Paolo Cintia, José Antonio Macedo, Livia Almàda, Camila Fereira. Mobile Data Management Conference 2013 Workshop on Human Mobility.
  • A Proactive Application to Monitor Truck Fleets by Fábio Da Costa Albuquerque, Marco
    A. Casanova, Marcelo Tílio M. de Carvalho, Jose Antonio F. de Macedo and Chiara Renso. Mobile Data Management Conference 2013, Milan, Italy
  • Tailoring Moving Patterns to Contexts -­‐ Monica Wachowicz, Rebecca Ong, Chiara Renso - AGILE Conference, Leuven, 2013
  • Where have you been today? Annotating trajectories with DayTag -- Salvatore Rinzivillo, Fernando de Lucca Siqueira, Lorenzo Gabrielli, Chiara Renso and Vania Bogorny. At Spatio and Spatio-Temporal (SSTD) conference 2013, Demo Paper
  • Baquara: A Holistic Ontological Framework for Movement Analysis using Linked Data ‐ Renato Fileto, Marcelo Krüger, Nikos Pelekis, Yannis Theodoridis, Chiara Renso – In Entity Relationship Conference (ER 2013). Best Conference Paper.
  • Mob-Warehouse: A semantic approach for mobility analysis with a Trajectory Data Ware- house by Ricardo Wagner, Jose Antonio Fernandes de Macedo, Alessandra Raffaetaa`, Chiara Renso, Alessandro Roncato, and Roberto Trasarti. SECOGIS Workshop 2013, Hong Kong 2013
  • Point of Interest Communities Discovery over Mobility Data -- Igo Brilhante, Michele Berlingerio, Roberto Trasarti, Chiara Renso, Jose Macedo and Marco Antonio Casanova. Discussion Paper at SEBD 2013, Convegno Italiano di Basi di Dati, Roccella Ionica, IT
  • Where Shall We Go Today? Planning Touristic Tours with TripBuilder -- Igo Brilhante, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego, Chiara Renso, Jose de Macedo - at International Conference CIKM 2013, San Francisco, USA
  • A Study on Parameter Estimation for a Mining Flock Algorithm -- Rebecca Ong, Mirco Nanni, Monica Wachowicz Chiara Renso and Dino Pedreschi. At Workshop on Mining complex patterns joint with ECML-PKDD Conference, Prague 2013
  • Towards Semantic Trajectory Outlier Detection -- Artur Aquino, Luis Alvares, Vania Bogorny, Chiara Renso. GEOINFO Conference, 2013
  • Discovering Outlier Behavior in Mobility Data. Vitor Fontes, Lucas Alencar, Vania Bogorny, Chiara Renso. GEOINFO Conference, 2013
  • Parameter Estimation and Pattern Validation in Flock Mining - Rebecca Ong, Mirco Nanni, Chiara Renso, Monica Wachowicz, and Dino Pedreschi in New Frontiers in Mining Complex Patterns, LNAI Vol. 8399
  • TripBuilder: A Tool for Recommending Sightseeing Tours. Igo Brilhante, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego, Chiara Renso, Jose de Macedo. ECIR 2014 Demo paper. Best Demo Paper
  • MAPMOLTY: a web tool for discovering place loyalty based on mobile crowdsource data. Vinicius de Lira, Chiara Renso, Salvatore Rinzivillo, Valeria Cesario Times and Patricia Tedesco. International Conference on Web Engineering, 2014. Demo paper.
  • Investigating semantic regularity of human mobility lifestyle. Chiara Renso; Vinicius De Lira; Valeria Times; Salvatore Rinzivillo; Patricia Tedesco, at Conference IDEAS 2014, Porto, Portugal
  • Annotating Trajectories by Fusing them with Social Media Users' Posts -- Ricardo Nabo, Renato Fileto, Mirco Nanni, Chiara Renso, at GEOINFO 2014.
  • A Semantic Model for Movement Data Warehouses -- Renato Fileto, Alessandra Raffaetà, Alessandro Roncato, Juarez A.P. Sacenti, Cleto May, Douglas Klein. DOLAP 2014, Shangai.
  • Specification and Incremental Maintenance of Linked Data Mashup Views. Vania Vidal, Marco Antonio Casanova, Narciso Arruda, Mariano Roberval, Giseli Lopes, Luiz Paes Leme, Chiara Renso. CAiSE 2015.
  • A Rule-based Method for Discovering Trajectory Profiles. Lucas Andre Alencar, Luis Otavio Alvares, Chiara Renso, Alessandra Raffaeta' and Vania Bogorny. SEKE (International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering), 2015
  • Automatically Tailoring Semantics-enabled Dimensions for Movement Data Warehouses. Juarez Angelo Piazza Sacenti, Fabio Salvini, Renato Fileto, Alessandra Raffaeta', Alessandro Roncato. DaWak 2015.
  • ComeWithMe: an Activity-oriented Carpooling Approach. V. de Lira, V.C. Times, C. Renso, S.Rinzivillo. 2015 IEEE 18th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • HermesSem: a Semantic-aware Framework for the Management and Analysis of our LifeSteps
    Nikos Pelekis, Stylianos Sideridis, Yannis Theodoridis. DSAA 2015
  • SWOT: A Conceptual Data Warehouse Model for Semantic Trajectories, Maria Carolina Silva, Valéria Times, José de Macêdo, Chiara Renso, DOLAP 2015
  • Optimal Time-dependent Sequenced Route Queries in Road Networks
    Camila Ferreira Costa, Mario Nascimento, Jose Macedo, Yannis Theodoridis, Nikos Pelekis, Javam Machado at ACM SIGSPATIAL 2015, Seattle USA.
  • Scaling up the Mining of Semantically-enriched Trajectories: TripBuilder at the World Level. Igo Ramalho Brilhante, José Antônio Fernandes de Macêdo, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego, Chiara Renso Proceedings of the 6th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop, Cagliari, Italy, May 25-26, 2015.